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Who Is Colin Mochrie’s Daughter Kinley Mochrie? Wiki, Net Worth, Parents, & Dating Details

Kinley Mochrie

Kinley Mochrie, the daughter of Colin Mochrie, is active in the entertainment world. She is among the many movie reviewers of Let’s figure out her parents, wiki, net worth, and dating life.

She is active on social media platforms like Instagram, where she has 3.7k followers and 1.2k following.

Who Is Kinley Mochrie? Wiki Details

Kinley Mochrie, daughter of Colin Mochrie and Debra McGrath, was born on 3 September 1990 in Toronto, Ontario. She was born a boy until she came out as trans in 2016. Her real name was Luke Mochrie.

Kinley was not the first name of her choice. She wanted to use her name as Hannah.

Kinley always had a slim and tall body, with her height somewhere near 6 feet.

Thirty-one years old Kinley is the only child of her parents. They used to fear for her after she came out as trans. 

Who are Kinley Mochrie’s Parents?

Kinley Mochrie’s Father, Colin Mochrie, is a Scottish-born Canadian actor, writer, and producer. Her mother, Debra McGrath, is a Canadian actress and comedian. Her parents got married in late 1989. They are supportive of the decisions that Kinley makes.


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Colin regularly posts and comes out supporting Kinley in various news portals. Her parents were the ones who chose her the name as they had listed 20 names for her.

Kinley shares a close bond with her mom and dad.

Is Kinley Mochrie Dating Anyone?

It’s been a few years since people knew Kinley Mochrie is a bisexual. She has had a girlfriend since 2017. But there is no clear information about whether she is dating anyone or not at this moment.

What Is Kinley Mochrie’s Net Worth? Career Details

Kinley Mochrie is also an actress like her parents. Based on imbd record, she has 13 acting credits. A few of her notable projects include The Magical Gathering, Agent 56, The Nostalgia Chick, and many more.

Most of her performances were before transitioning, which is credited in the name Luke. Even though she hasn’t worked in many films like her mom and dad, but she was able to create certain fortune and fame for herself. She is still active in the entertainment business, so it’s clear that she will be able to add more fortunes.

It’s hard to estimate her net worth. However, being the only child of Colin, she has access to her father’s $1 million net worth.

She raises funds in gofundme app for others for transitioning surgery.