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Who Is A Russian Actor, Jean Michel Scherbak? Wikipedia, Parents, Girlfriend, & Net Worth

Jean Michel Scherbak

Meet the Russian actor and model Jean Michel Scherbak. Recently he came into the limelight after sharing a video and news regarding the conflict between Russia Vs. Ukraine war.

The actor used social media to educate people about the war in Ukraine and said that his mother disowned him for not supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While talking about his advocacy on behalf of Ukraine has cost his relationship with his mother.

His Russian mother a Vladimir Putin fan. Also, his mother blocked him after he wrote on social media that Jean was ashamed of his country for starting a war.

Shortly, his mother texted him on Facebook, saying that I was a traitor and had made my choice.

Moreover, the actor has many friends in Ukraine and has visited Ukraine multiple times. Later, Jean decided to leave his hometown Moscow, Russia, and he spoke to CNN from Germany.

Before leaving home, Jean Michel tried to connect with his mother last time. On 2 March 2022, he uploaded a series of photos and videos. Scherbak said that he sent his mother some money and a letter in which Jean told her he didn’t hold a grudge against her.

Shortly after his message, his mother quickly responded, saying:

Don’t send anything, I will just send it back. I don’t communicate with Russophobes and traitors to the Motherland. I sincerely wish you would give up your Russian passport and leave this country in any direction. You are no longer my son, and there will be no traitors in my family.

Jean Michel Scherbak has more than 26.1k followers on his official Instagram account under the username @iam_jeanmichel.

Who Is Jean Michel Scherbak? Wikipedia Details

Jean Michel Scherbak is a model and actor by profession. Recently, Jean came into highlight after he uploaded the videos and breaking news updates on his social media account as soon as Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

Unfortunately, as a Vladimir Putin supporter, his mother was not pleased with his educational accomplishments.

The model has many friends in Ukraine and has visited Ukraine many times; and also advised CNN that he was impressed to get started tweeting about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Jean Michel Scherbak was born in 1991 in Moscow, Russia, and is currently 30 years old. The other information about the model remains unknown.

His height is 5 feet 9 inches or 1.75m tall, and he weighs around 74 kg or 163 lbs.

Who Are Jean Michel Scherbak’s Parents?

The identity of Jean Michel Scherbak’s parents is unknown. However, his mother is a Putin supporter. Sadly, his mother was against him because her son, Jean, negatively commented on Vladimir Putin and the company.

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He tried to keep his personal life a secret and didn’t want to share his details with the public. However, he frequently shared his pictures with his family on social media.

Does Jean Michel Scherbak Have A Girlfriend?

Probably, Jean Michel Scherbak might have a girlfriend. He regularly posts his pictures and videos with a mysterious girl on his official Instagram account.

However, Jean hasn’t revealed whether the mysterious girl is his girlfriend or not. Likewise, the 30 years old model often clicked his pictures with his co-star’s friend.

Jean Michel Scherbak is a fantastic and handsome model, and every fangirl loved to make him a boyfriend.

What Does Jean Michel Scherbak Do For A Living? Net Worth

Jean Michel Scherbak is a Russian actor, model, and social media personality. He kept uploading his glamourous pictures on his social media handles and associated with various companies.

The Russian model, Jean, has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand, which he earned from his professional career.

The average salary of a Russian actor can earn up to 126,000 RUB depending upon their experience, qualification, and skills.