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Who Is Heather Grossman? Wikipedia, Married life, Husband, Domestic Violence, Abused, & Net Worth

Heather Grossman

Heather Grossman is an architectural and art historian, and she is famous as Teaching Assistant Professor Coordinator in History and Theory.

Heather Grossman is active on Facebook and Twitter. She has 655 friends on her Facebook account, and she has 61 followers on her Twitter account, which she joined in October 2013.

Who Is Heather Grossman? Wikipedia Details

Heather Grossman is an architectural and photo historian and archaeologist born in 1966, making her 56 years old as of 2022. She has not shared details of her birthplace and her hometown. However, she currently lives in Urbana,IL, and holds American nationality.

Her exact height and weight are missing but she has average height and a healthy weight.

As for her education, she studied History of Art Department and Institute of Archaeology and University College London in 1993-94. She got her Bachelor of Arts degree with high honors, History of Art and Architecture+ Old World Archaeology and Art from Brown’s University in 1995. 

Furthermore, Heather completed her Master of Arts in History of Arts, History of Art, and Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania in 2001. She got her Ph.D. in History of Art and Architecture from the same university in 2004.

Who Are Heather Grossman’s Parents?

Heather Grossman was born to her loving parents named, Ralph and Florence Stephens. However, she hasn’t shared details about her parents. There is no information about them other than their names and how Heather reached out for help from her parents when she suffered from domestic violence in her marriage.

It was reported that Heather’s parents lost their battle with cancer and passed away in 2018. Her parents had a family sandal business that was the source for Heather’s medical bills. 

Is Heather Grossman Married?

Heather Grossman married her husband, Johns Grossman, in 1997. They met through a friend and had a peaceful married life for a short time. Heather’s ex-husband had hired a hitman to kill her when she was just married to John. Heather was shot in the neck by the gunman inside when she was sitting in the back of the car. 

Heather and John tied the knot in Minnesota in 1997, and Heather was shot after four months of their marriage.

Her late ex-husband John Grossman is the son of Bud, the wealthiest man in the state. John was very kind and sweet to Heather before their marriage, but after three years of shooting, he turned out to be violent and started to spit in her face, slapped her, tossed garbage on her bed, threw bags of dog feces, and smeared food on her face while she was in her wheelchair.

Heather finally tried to bring assault charges against John but failed. However, she removed her husband from her house, and they separated. John passed away in 2005 due to a heart attack.

Who Is Heather Grossman’s Ex-Husband?

Heather Grossman was first married to Ron Samuels in 1988. She shares three children with him. Her husband domestically abused her in their marriage, and he threw things at her and threatened not to leave him. 

She managed to escape her tumultuous marriage after four years with her kids and ran from him all over the United States as he stalked them. Ron also hired a hitman to kill her, and a bullet was shot through her neck in 1997 after she got married to her second husband.

Heather confessed that she was receiving death threats from her ex-husband, and Ron fled to Mexico on the run and was arrested there. He was moved to court in Florida in 2005 and was given a life sentence. 

Who Are Heather Grossman’s Children?

Heather has three children with her ex-husband, Ron Samuels, and they are Joseph, Ronald, and Lauren. Her two sons are helping with her father’s family sandal business, and her daughter has a top job, but she moved to Arizona to help her.

What Does Heather Grossman Recently Doing?

Heather Grossman has become a role model and public speaker as a domestic violence survivor. She speaks against domestic violence and has warned everyone to know the signs and other things to look out for.

She was named Ms. Wheelchair Arizona, and she serves as a counselor for the Justice Department Office of Victims of Crime in Washington, D.C. 

She is also an author and has written a book titled Paralyzed in Paradise, published in 2018.

What Is Heather Grossman’s Net Worth?

Heather Grossman has not revealed her net worth, but she earns her income as an author and has her book titled Paralyzed in Paradise, available on Amazon for $14.99 in Paperback.