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Who Is Revered Author Glynn Stewart? Wikipedia, Married, Wife, Parents, Career, & Net Worth

Glynn Stewart

Glynn Stewart is known as a revered author famous for his writings in the genre of Sci-fi and fantasy-fiction writings. He is mainly well-known and viral on Reddit due to his unique depiction of extraterrestrial life forms, starship trek, and abundant portrayal of sci-fi elements in his works.

As for his online presence, he has been active on Twitter since 2011 and has 1,058 followers there. He also has a Facebook page and has been liked by 2,952 people.

Who Is Glynn Stewart? Wikipedia Details

Glynn Stewart is an author of the Sci-fi series best known for his book, Starship’s Mage. He currently lives in Kitchener, Ontario, and was born in 1984, making him 38 years old as of 2022. He holds American nationality, and he has not shared his exact birth details, while his birthplace is unknown. 

In addition, he stands tall at the height of 5 feet 11 inches and weighs around 97kg.

For his educational background, he has a degree in Commerce/Accounting from the University of Calgary in 2009.

Who Are Glynn Stewart’s Parents?

Glynn Stewart was born to his loving and caring parents in 1984. However, he has not shared any information regarding his parents’ and siblings’ identities. There are no details about his parents on the internet and media.

Is Glynn Stewart Married?

Glynn Stewart is a married man and has a wife named Jack Giesen. Glynn confessed to being happily married via Twitter on 21 September 2021. His wife had shared that Glynn had an optimistic way of looking at science fiction and how she remembered him talking about Earth getting blown up in indie science fiction.

Glynn Stewart lives in Southern Ontario with his wife and with their cats. Not much is known about his wife, but he had shared that his wife suggested him to try for shorter pieces which gave birth to Starship Mage. He also credited his wife for being there for him and having faith in him. He also shared that his wife was the only reason for his successful writing career.

Glynn has not shared details of their wedding and has maintained the low-key profile of their relationship.

When Did Glynn Stewart Start His Career?

Glynn Stewart started as Senior AP Clerk at UFA Cooperative Ltd in 2005 and worked there for four years. He has been a certified general public accountant since Feb 2013. He also served as Financial Analyst for eight months in the Calgary religion.

Glynn worked as Financial Analyst for the Walton International Group in 2013. He is also the Vice President of Finance at Faolans Pen Publishing. He has established himself as a successful sci-fi writer and fiction author best known for his novels and series like Starship Mage, Duchy of Terra, Challenging, The Terran Privateer, Beyond the Eyes of Mars, Blood, and more. 

What Is Glynn Stewart’s Net Worth?

Glynn Stewart has an estimated net worth of $1 million approximately. He earns his income as a successful sci-fi and fiction author. His books are available on and are priced at an average of euro 10.99.