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Who Is The American Attorney, David Rudolf? Wikipedia, Parents, Girlfriend, Married, & Net Worth

David Rudolf

David Rudolf is an American attorney by his profession. He is one of the pre-eminent trial lawyers in the United States, specializing in high-profile and complex criminal cases.

He has represented novelist Micheal Peterson in the murder trial of his wife, Kathleen Peterson, and this case was documented in HBO’s drama The Staircase in 2004.

David Rudolf is active on social media platforms. He has more than 20.5k followers on his Twitter page, under the username @DavidSRudolf, and has almost 6500 followers on his Facebook page.

Who Is David Rudolf? Wikipedia Details

David  Rudolf is one of the most promising trial Lawyers in the USA, specializing in high profile and complex criminal and civil rights. He was born on 2 July 1949 in the USA, making him an American national.

He graduated from Rutgers University. Moreover, he went to study at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He completed his law study at NYU School of Law in 1974.

At the age of 72, David still looks fit with a height of 5 feet and 10 inches.

Who Are David Rudolf’s Parents?

David Rudolf is the only son of his parents. His father’s name was Peter Rudolf, who was born in 1939 and passed away in 2003 at the age of 64. His mother’s name is Regulates Hanna Buhrer, and she is a housemaker.

Likewise, his grandfather’s name was Hans Jacob Buhrer, and his grandmother’s name was Hanna Emma Lejeune. There is no information available about his family tree’s biographic details.

Who Is David Rudolf Married To?

David Rudolf has been married to his lawyer-girlfriend turned wife, Sonya Pfeiffer, since 2007. Sonya Pfeiffer is also a committed criminal defense lawyer who vigorously represents her clients in both state and federal court. They first met during the trial of Michael Peterson. She was covering the care as a news reporter at that moment. The couple has a daughter, Zayne, together.

Recently, the lovebirds bought an art gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2021, the couple and their daughter moved to Toronto, Canada, for the sake of their daughter.

What Does David Rudolf Do?

David Rudolf has been working as a defense lawyer for decades via his company Rudolf Widenhouse. He established his company in 1982. His popularity has come into the media after the case of Michael Peterson, who was involved in murdering his wife.

Likewise, he is also an author of American Injustice and the criminal justice podcast Abuse of Power co-host. David helped start the Criminal Law Clinic at the University of North Carolina School of Law in 1978.

Some of his highlight cases are a $9.5 Million settlement- Bridges vs. the City of Charlotte, a $6.4 Million Settlement for Wrongful Conviction – Armstrong v. City of Greensboro, Not Guilty Verdict in Murder Case – North Carolina v. Kenan Gay, and many more.

Apart from being a lawyer, he has played in various series like The Staircase, NC Wanted, and Abuse of Power: State of Florida vs. Krishna Maharaj.

The Staircase series is about the case he got popularity from, the case of Michael Peterson.

How Much Is David Rudolf’s Net Worth?

David Rudolf has an estimated net worth of $1.3 million, which he earns from his professional career as a lawyer.

He must have made a decent fortune from his decades of a career as an American attorney, who has solved high-profile cases during his career.