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Who Is Heartland Docs DVM’s Ben Schroeder? Wikipedia Details, Wife, Net Worth, & Parents

Ben Schroeder Wikipedia

Ben Schroeder is a veterinarian who has been practicing in Nebraska for almost two decades. Normal veterinarians don’t catch the eye of the public. In contrast, Ben has been able to gain a name with the help of docu-series Heartland Docs DVM.

He and his wife regularly update an Instagram page with 20.5k followers and a Facebook page with 37.5k followers.

Who Is Ben Schroeder? Wikipedia Details

Ben Schroeder is a K-state College of Veterinary Medicine graduate who has been working on his National Geographic docu-series Heartland Docs DVM. He celebrates his birthday on 21 July every year. He was born in the late ’70s, making him in his mid 40’s. Ben was born in Nebraska, making him an American National.

After graduating from local high school, Ben attended the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. Moreover, he did his veterinary medicine at the Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine.

In his mid 40’s, Ben still looks fit with a height of 6 feet.

Who Are Ben Schroeder’s Parents?

Ben Schroeder was born to Nebraskan native parents. He grew up in Hartington, northeast Nebraska. His father, John Schroeder, is a Vet doctor who is the founder of Cedar County Veterinary Services. His mother’s name is Sally Schroeder.

There is not much information about his siblings.

Who Is Ben Schroeder Married To?

Ben Schroeder has been married to his wife, Erin Schroeder, since 2001. Erin was a junior at college when they first met. Ben was in his third year, and Erin was in her first year at K-state college. It was an instant click for both. Moreover, after dating for just two weeks, the couple engaged.

After six months of engagement, Ben and Eric got married on 11 August 2001.


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Erin is also part of the docu-series Heartland Docs DVM along with her husband.

The couple is now the parents of two children, Chase and Charlie. Both their kids play basketball.

What Does Ben Schroeder Do?

As soon as he graduated from K-state, Ben Schroeder worked at Little Apple Veterinary Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Elizabeth Lindquist. However, after Erin’s graduation, Ben returned to Hartington to take over his father’s veterinary practice, Cedar County Veterinary Services.

For almost two decades, the husband and wife have worked at the clinic.

Ben and his wife have been working for the National Geographic docu-series Heartland Docs DVM, which is in its fourth season. Other than that, Ben has appeared in Tamron Hall and Home & Family.

How Much Is Ben Schroeder’s Net Worth?

With almost two decades as a veterinarian, Ben Schroeder has accumulated an estimated net worth of $ 3 million. The average salary of a veterinarian in Nebraska is $105,113 per year. However, Ben is certain to make more than the average salary with his expertise.