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Who Is Larry David’s Wife Ashley Underwood? Explore About Her Net Worth

Ashley Underwood

Ashley Underwood is an American producer. However, she is best known as the celebrity wife of Larry David and is well known as the producer of the TV show “Who is America?“.

Who Is Ashley Underwood? How Old Is She?

Ashley Underwood is a producer of “Who is America?“, a satire series on Sasha Baron Cohen’s showtime. Forty-two-year-old Ashley was born in 1979 in Georgia. She stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches or 1.68m tall.

Ashley is low-key, and not much information is known about her. So, there is limited information about Ashley’s family and private life.

She attended John Marshall Law of School and got her bachelor’s degree in Arts from the American University of Paris. 

Who Is Ashley Underwood’s Husband? How Did They Meet?

Ashley Underwood is married to 74 years old American comedian, actor, and TV producer Larry David. Larry David was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Larry David is the writer and producer of the hit NBC series “Seinfeld.” This series ran from 1989 to 1998. Later in 2000, Larry David became the creator, writer, and lead actor on HBO’s “Club Your Enthusiasm.”

Ashley and her husband Larry met through a friend. The couple met and was introduced through Sacha Baron Cohen and his wife, Isla Fisher. In 2017 at Sacha Baron Cohen’s birthday party, they first met each other.

In an interview with New York Times, Larry David shares that he and Ashley hit it off from the get-go.

“We were seated next to each other, I think with that in mind. Much to her surprise I left before dessert. I was doing so well, banter-wise, I didn’t want to risk staying too long and blowing the good impression.”

The couple started dating in 2017 after their first meeting at Sacha Baron Cohen’s birthday party.

Are Ashley Underwood And Larry David Married?

Ashley Underwood is the second wife of Larry David. Before getting romantically involved with Ashley, Larry married his first wife, Laurie David, from 1993 to 2007. The ex-couple has two children together. Two daughters, 27 years old Cazzie and 24 years old Romy.

Ashley Underwood and Larry David married on 7 October 2020, after three years of dating. The couple tied the knot quietly in Southern California.

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Ashley and Larry moved into his Pacific Palisades home in 2019 to GQ. During the COVID-19 quarantine, Ashley, husband Larry, and Larry’s daughter from first wife Cazzie were together. Ashley, along with bringing her cat named Elwood.  The couple has also adopted an Australian shepherd puppy named Bernie. 

Larry David shares to PEOPLE,

“There’s not a moment in the day when there isn’t friction between at least two of us. Then when that gets resolved, two others are at each other’s throats and it’s invariably about dishes. ‘You didn’t do the dishes!’ Or ‘You didn’t help with the dishes!’ I think that is being screamed all over the world now.”

The couple has almost completed one year of their marriage life.

How Much Is Ashley Underwood’s Net Worth?

According to, Ashley Underwood’s net worth is estimated to be beyond $300 thousand. Ashley is also entitled to her husband’s net worth of $400 million.

Ashley Underwood is one of the producer of the TV show “Who is America?” in 2018. Other than that, she also has worked as a television producer on various films and shows.

She is a screenwriter, blogger, humorist, and traveler, as per her job description. Also, Ashley was a contributor at “”