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Who Is American Song Contestant Alisabeth Von Presley? Parents, Boyfriend, & Net Worth Details

Alisabeth Von Presley

Alisabeth Von Presley is a name that many Iowan have known for years. But after being the contestant from Iowa for American Song Contest, the whole world started to look at her.

Being a celebrity, she has been active in various social media handles. She has 9.4k followers on Instagram, more than 600 followers on Twitter, and 13.5k followers on her Facebook page.

Who Is Alisabeth Von Presley? Wikipedia Details

Alisabeth Von Presley is an American Singer representing Iowa in the American Song Contest. She was born on 2 December 1986 suburb in Iowa. Thirty-five years old singers have been singing since 1995.

She currently lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She had a dream to become a singer from the age of 6.

Alisabeth went to The University Of Iowa for her studies in Musical Education & Theatre. She manages her self-titled website (, where she gives updates about herself and sells merch.

Alisabeth is not only a singer but also a dancer and a photographer. If the pink color would be a country, she would be its queen.

Who Are Alisabeth Von Presley’s Parents?

Alisa Von Presley was born to parents Neal Allen Caraway (father) and Brenda (mother). Her father died on 31 January 2016. He was part of theatre at the age of 40.

Alisabeth was very close to her father. She wasn’t the only child of her father. She has a brother named Benjamin.

Does Alisabeth Von Presley Boyfriend?

Yeah, Alisabeth Von Presley has a boyfriend. She has been dating Steven James since 2016. Steven had one heart surgery in July 2021, and Alisabeth was with him all the time.

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A post shared by Alisabeth Von Presley 💟 (@alisabethvonpresley)

Steven gave a ring to Alisabeth on her birthday in 2017. Based on hashtags used in the Instagram Post of Alisabeth, it is assumed to be their engagement ring. This pair loves being together and posts intimidating pictures of two regularly. They have a dog, and it appears with them on various occasions.

What Does Alisabeth Von Presley Do?

Alisabeth Von Presley is a singer, performer, dancer, and Keytar Player. She was a contestant for American Idol 16 in 2013. She is the judge of dancing with the Saints, a charity Dancing show that raised $230,000 in its sixth season.

Currently, she is representing Iowa on the American Song Contest.

Some of her popular tracks are Wonder, Cannibal Queen, Glass Maps, American Blackout, and many more.

How Much Is Alisabeth Von Presley’s Net Worth?

Alisabeth Von Presley makes her living by performing in shows, singing, and dancing. Clearly, looking at her lifestyle, she is making an awesome amount of money from her career. 

Her exact net worth isn’t out in public. However, it is estimated to be $300,000.