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All You Need To Know About Alice Evans: Parents, Net Worth, Movies & TV Series

Alice Evans Net Worth

Alice Evans is a British-American actress best known for series such as CSI: Miami, Best of Both Worlds, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and more to the list. She has been in the acting career for a long period and is also a talented, trained piano player. Alice Evans started her acting journey in the French and Italian industries. She didn’t work in English speaking industry until her role in Disney’s 102 Dalmatians. She has taken piano lessons for about a decade. Alice is a dog person and has an adorable little puppy. She suffers from a condition called tipulophobia means fears of crane flies. 

Who Is Alice Evans?

Alice Evans is an English-American actress. Fifty-year-old Alice Evans was born on 2 August 1971 in New Jersey, United States. But she was primarily raised by her parents in Bristol, England. 

She was born in the United States. So, She belongs to both English and American nationality.

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About her physical appearance, Alice stands at the height of 5 feet, and 8 inches weighs around 58 kg. Alice is naturally blonde, but she always wished she had red hair. 

She completed her degree in French and Italian from University College, London. She then attended the Course Florent, a private French drama school in Paris. Also, Alice studied applied mathematics at MIT.

Who Are Alice Evans’s Parents?

Alice Evans was born to parents David Evans and Janet Evans. Her father, David Evans, was a professor of Applied Mathematics at Bristol University. Meanwhile, her mother, Janet Evans, was a English literature teacher.

She lost her mother, Janet Evans, because of a heart attack in 2000. The tragic incident happened the day before Alice had her screen test for 102 Dalmatians.

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She shared a picture on Instagram taken in front of her grandparents’ house on Whitehill Road. In that photo, she was with her granddad, William Ernest Dowell, Grany Elsie Dorothy Dowell, her mom Janet and with brothers.

Alice has two brothers named Philip Evans and Anthony Evans.

Alice is a proud single mother.

Is She Active On Social Media?

Alice Evans is quite active in her social media account. Especially in her Instagram account @aliceevansgruff. In her Instagram account, She has 83.4k followers while she is following 792 others. To date, she has posted 866 posts, and she opened her Instagram account in 2013, and her first post was posted on 14 August 2013.

Alice Evans’ first tweet was on 10 August 2020. Where she tweeted,

“This is an absolutely incredible film by Lucy Cohen. It’s not an easy subject but she handles it so delicately and makes it so beautiful to look at. If you’ve lost a person to suicide it’s a must, but even if you haven’t – this wonderful family will steal your heart. (Netflix)”

Likewise, she is also active on Twitter and has a Twitter account under @AliceEvansGruff. Alic has 38.6k followers on her Twitter and has 56.6k tweets.

How Much Is Alice Evans’ Net Worth?

British-American actress Alice Evans has an estimated net worth of around $5 million, according to celebritynetowrth. She has earned a sum of her money from the film industry.

Her ex-husband Ioan Gruffudd has an estimated net worth of around $5 million.

How Did Alice Evans Start Her Career?

Alice Evans started her career in the French TV industry. Also, Alice did Italian projects in her early career. She moved to Paris’ Cours Florent after her graduation. She got her breakthrough role as French student Susan in a popular French sitcom Elisa Top Modele.

Alice also did Italy play Nathalie in 1998 and it was a part of the Italian miniseries Le ragazze di Piazza di Spagna.

In 1999 she appeared in Disney’s 102 Dalmatians. After being featured in Blackball, she moved to Los Angeles in 2003.

Since then, Alice has featured in movies and TV series such as The Mentalist, Brother & Sisters, Lost and Grimm. She was also part of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

Her first English-speaking role was in the Highlander episode Patient Number. 

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She got most of the attention from Live action work. Also, she has done a little bit of voice acting in her entire career. And among that most notable was in an episode of American Dad! in 2011.