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Who Is an NBC News Correspondent, Ali Arouzi? Wikipedia, Parents, Wife, Married, & Net Worth

Ali Arouzi

Ali Arouzi is professionally a Journalist and Producer who spent his career working in journalism and hosting news shows.

As per his Twitter bio, he is currently working as an NBC News Correspondent & Bureau Chief. Ali recently tweeted regarding the Russia and Ukraine conflict on his Twitter account. Also, he has more than 48.6k followers on his official Twitter page.

Who Is Ali Arouzi? Wikipedia Details

Ali Arouzi is an Iranian Journalist and Producer by profession. He spent most of his career working in journalism and hosting news shows.

Arouzi is the currently hosts NBC Tehran Bureau Chief and correspondent. Ali Arouzi was born in 1974, but his date of birth is unknown. However, he is already 47 years old, and his birthplace is Tehran, Iran.

His average height is 5 feet 7 inches or 1.7 m tall, and he weighs around 69 kg or 152 lbs.

Who Are Ali Arouzi Parents?

The identity of Ali Arouzi’s parents is unknown. He spent his childhood days with his family, and he is Iranian by nationality.

An Iranian-born NBC News producer left his country when he was just four years old. Initially, he moved to Paris, France, and later immigrated to the United Kingdom.

However, his father decided to return home with his mother. At that time, his mother was ill, and she wanted to be close to her family, but Ali Arouzi had never returned home till now. He currently resides in London, the United Kingdom.

The journalist tried to spend his lifestyle as a low-key personality and didn’t want to reveal any information to the public.

Who Is Ali Arozi Wife?

The identity of Ali Arozi’s wife is unknown. He has not disclosed his details to the public. There is no valid information available on the internet about whether the media journalist is married or not.

When Did Ali Arouzi Start His Career?

Ali Arouzi has been interested in journalism and the film industry since his early days. Later, he pursued his dream to become a Journalist.

He runs various television programs, including Ann Curry Reports: Iran’s President Speaks, Living Dangerously, and Dateline NBC.

Ali went on to his hometown nearly after two decades to cover the earthquake report that killed more than 41,000 people.

Apart from this, Ali Arouzi is also a producer. He has produced some TV Series documentary videos, including Living Dangerously (2003), Dateline NBC (2009), Ann Curry Reports: Iran’s President Speaks (2013), and others.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Ali Arozi?

Ali Arozi has an estimated net worth of $700 thousand. He has been earning a hefty fortune from his journalism and production career.

He has been working as a Journalist for decades and has lots of experience, success, and qualifications. Ali might have earned more than his estimated net worth.