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All About Alexis Minter: Splits With Jason Segal After 8 Years Of Dating, & Eight Years Of Love Story

Alexis Mixter- known professionally as Alexis Minter. She is popularly known as Jason Segel’s girlfriend. She is the elder sister of actress Whitney minter. 

Alexis is now entangling in photography for years.

Jason Segel Splits With His Girlfriend, Alexis Mixter 

Alexis and Jason have separated away after their eight years of long dating.

Alexis gave notice of their break up by the Instagram post on Thursday, along with a photo of them. With the caption,

“The depth of our bond was something I could never have anticipated.”


Alexis Mixter Instagram captioned(©:Instagram/Alexis Mixter)

“I’ve never spent so much time with another person, grown so much alongside someone else, laughed so much, cried so much, shared so much.”

Alexis also wrote,

“It is odd to write about the end of a relationship, especially when the friendship that still exists is so full of life.”

She continued,

“But change happens and we made the decision quite a while ago to let ourselves grow away from what our relationship had been and into what it was becoming.”

Alexis also reflected on “announcing a breakup on social media,” which she said was “a strange feeling.”

“Some won’t understand why it is necessary and that’s okay,”

She wrote,

“Having a public romantic relationship is not easy. Ending one feels like navigating a road that doesn’t even exist. We are private people when it comes to our personal lives and I intend to keep it that way. My feelings while writing this are only ones of love and gratitude. Gratitude to the universe for putting this man in my life the way it did and then allowing us the grace to decide that what we had, could become more. Because that is what our friendship feels like. More,”

Mixter continued,

“More than either of us could have asked for in another person.”

“This post is a tribute to love and friendship and those relationships that make life worth living. Thank you J for being my best friend,”

She added,

“The person who shares all my favorite jokes, sees who I really am and all I want to be, loves me unconditionally and makes me always strive to be bigger and better than I was yesterday. I will never stop cheering you on with every cell of my body. I will never stop loving you unconditionally. (This is an old picture but I chose it because we both love it and it was from such a great day.)”

While the foregoing couple did not speak about their relationship in public, Mixter did share a sweet birthday tribute to the actor in January 2020 apace with a photo she had taken of him. 

“I’m a day late because yesterday was spent celebrating you, the way it should be, unplugged and surrounded by friends and family,”

Mixter wrote in the caption at the time. 

instagram- captioned

Alexis Mixter Instagram captioned(©:Instagram/Alexis Mixter)

“In your 40 years on this earth you’ve done so much and come so far,”

she continued,

“I’m inspired by you every day and you’ve taught me that my heart is big enough to hold more love than I ever imagined.”

She added,

“Thank you for being my best friend above all else. I’m so happy you were born. Here’s to 40 more happy birthdays, I love you with the emoji of flower bookey and red heart (I had to pull out this photo from a while ago because it was such a great day and you look good with a cheese plate).”

Segel has so far openly and honestly addressed the split.

Alexis Mixter Has Been Dating Jason Segel For Eight Years

Jason Segel is Alexis Minter’s boyfriend, an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, singer, songwriter, author, and producer.

The couple first met one another in 2013 and finally started dating by choice.

Despite that, they put together their first red carpet look at the Help Haiti Home Gala organized by actor Sean Penn in January 2016.


Alexis Minter with Jason Segal(©

They were captured several times together in public in different locus but walking on the red carpet was a big step in their relationship.

There were many posts in the news of their first official public appearance, but they have been caught together earlier numerous times.

They had not to show away if they are informally dating or desire to take the relationship to the advance by getting married.

Alexis is not the wife of Jason Segel, but the duo has been dating for a period.

Alexis Mixter Is A Renowned Name In Photography

She has been engaged in photography for years now. She manages a photography-based self-titled website- which features several of her works as a photographer.

Further, she has also been working order in the art department during the production of many short movies and documentaries like Hooters.

She runs a photography-based self-named website- which features a number of her works as a photographer.

Previously, she is observant of pyrography (the art or technique of decorating wood or leather by burning a design on the surface with a heated metallic point). It is a form of art made from fire.

As claimed by the approach, tools and instruments are heated in a fire and then carved into woods.

Alexis Mixter Is 42 Years Old

Alexis Minter was born on 20 December 1978 (42 years old) in the United States. She is the elder sister of actress Whitney Minter who is a reality star.

Alexis has completed her high school in Connecticut.

 She has an Instagram account with the username of @gonzoaesthetic, having 8,650 followers.