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Who Is Alan Stokes? Know About Stokes Twins, Dating, Net Worth & YouTube Earnings

Alan Stokes

Alan Stokes is an American social media personality. He is a versatile person who is skilled in acting and dancing as well. Alan Stokes, a social media star, is best known for his YouTube channel that he owns along with his twin brother. And Alan Stokes is also an Instagram influencer.

Who Is Alan Stokes?

Alan Stokes is an American YouTube star, Instagram star, actor, and dancer. Twenty-four-year-old Alan Stokes was born on 23 November 1996 in Hollywood, Florida, the United States, with his zodiac sign as Sagittarius.

Alan Stokes stands at the height of 6 feet and 1 inch. Meanwhile, his weight is 75kg.

Alan Stokes has gained popularity from his YouTube channel “Stokes Twin,” that Alan co-created with his twin brother Alex Stokes. On their YouTube Channel, they mostly upload pranks and Q & A content. Well, Alan Stokes also has earned his share of fame from his Instagram account @imalanstokes

Who Are Alan Stokes’ Parents?

Unfortunately, not much is known about the parents of Alan Stokes. However, it’s clear that Alan has a twin brother and grandfather, who recently passed away.

Alan Stokes and his twin brother Alex Stokes share about the loss of their beloved grandfather via YouTube on 18 September 2021. Both Stokes’ twin brothers are closed to their late grandfather.

When they first moved to the USA, their grandfather accompanied them from China. And stayed with them till they were eight years old.

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A post shared by Alan Stokes (@imalanstokes)

Hence, Alan Stokes and his brother paid their tribute to their late grandfather via a YouTube video posted on 18 September as well as on Instagram with a lengthy post that concludes as,

” I will forever remember the man you are by trying to follow in your footsteps.
I hope to see you again one day and give you that hug.”

On Instagram, Alex Stokes wrote,

“… I know my promises may not mean much anymore, but I promise to take care of grandma. I love you so much that I can’t even put it into words…“

Is Alan Stokes Chinese?

Yes, Alan Stokes is half Chinese. Alan Stokes has mixed ethnicity of Asian and White.

Who Are The Stokes Twins?

The Stokes Twins, Alan Stokes and Alex Stokes, are identical twins with the same hairstyle. Alan is 2 minutes older than Alex. Alex could be identified only because of the mole that only he has near his right eye. While Alan has got a birthmark on his neck.

The Stokes Twins are one of the most popular twins to feature on YouTube.

Likewise, Stokes Twins is also a social media influencer, actor, and dancer. They have managed to gain more than 3 million followers on Instagram and more than 20k followers on Twitter.

And together, the Stokes twins have over 30 million followers across their social media pages.

The Stokes twins own a YouTube channel that they run together. They started their YouTube channel “Stokes Twins” in April. Where they often post pranks, challenges, Q&A, and their daily routines.

Is Alan Stokes Active On Social Media?

Yes, Alan Stokes is active across different social media platforms. One of those platforms is Instagram with his account @imalanstokes, where he has 6.3 million followers and follows 35 others. To date, he has posted 492 posts.

Alan Stokes is also active on Twitter, and on Twitter, he has 25.6k followers. He joined Twitter in November 2014.

And Alan Stokes’s YouTube channel “Stokes Twins” has 10.3 million subscribers.

They are also active on Tiktok, where they have 31.4 m followers and 811.3 likes.

Who Is Alan Stokes Dating?

Currently, Alan Stokes is single and not involved in any romantic relation. He does not have a girlfriend till now.

Alan Stokes allegedly dated Sasha Spielberg in 2017. Sasha Spielberg is a Russian YouTuber and social media influencer. However, it was never confirmed by any party, nor is there proof to suggest so. Though, they have collaborated a couple of times and were featured in each other videos.

Later, in 2018, Alan Stokes was rumored to have been romantically involved with Carrington Durham. She is an Instagram star, model, and actress. Several photos were posted together on Instagram as well, and they were spotted together on many occasions.

Also, Carrington Durham was the prom date for Alan Stokes’ first prom in May 2018. Yet, it’s not clear are they officially a couple or not.

And in 2020, Alan Stokes’ dating rumor sparked again when he and Leslie Contreras were featured in each other TikTok videos. Yet, again it was never confirmed by any of them.

What Is Twins Strokes’ Net WOrth? YouTube Earnings

According to, The Stokes twins estimated net worth is around $4 million.

As per, Stokes twins generate an estimated $12,000 per day and an estimated $4.4 million a year from the ads on the videos.

While according to, Stokes twins has estimated monthly earnings of $35.8k to$572k. And estimated yearly earnings of $429k to $6.9 million from the YouTube channel. 

Alan Stokes is an actor and director, best known for Stokes Twins, Light as a Feather (2018), and Craziest Vacation Ever (2020). Also, Alan Stokes was part of the show “Brobot” along with his twin brother. And, another show that Alan Stokes appeared in is “Afterschool.” 

Alan Stokes and his twin brother have collaborated with a number of other social media personalities. Such as Brent Rivera and skateboarder Ben Azelart.

Alan Stokes and Alex Stokes are also part of the YouTube group Sunset Park.